Terms of Service



We will remove grease from the readily accessible interior surfaces of the duct(s) interior fan blades, and the undersides if the kitchen range hood of the contracted system.


We will furnish all labor, equipment to perform the service.

We will always use reasonable diligence to perform the specified service on the regularly scheduled service date, but cannot guarantee service on a particular date, therefore, we will not be liable or otherwise responsible for any direct or indirect loss of income caused thereby.

We will not be responsible or liable for any damage to the Customers, premises for losses to invitees or licenses, to the person or property, or any reason whatsoever except the direct negligence of DFW CHC.

It is the customers responsibility to arrange and/or provide access to the system to be serviced at the time of the regularly scheduled , service and if the service cannot be preformed due to the inaccessibility of the system and DFW CERTIFIED HOOD CLEANING is required to return complete the service, an additional charge of $50.00 shall be added to the cost of each service.

These terms shall continue in force and the service preformed on the agreed to to frequency basis of the the signed agreement between company and DFW CHC and shall continue in force and effect until terminated by thirty (30) days written notice from either party to the other.

The customer hereby waives their rights to subrogation by their by their insurance carrier against DFW CHC under any fire or liability insurance policy. This agreement constitutes the sole and only agreement of the parties and supersedes any written or oral agreement between the parties respecting the subject mater of the agreement.


We are pleased to offer special discounts to new customers of our NFPA 96 kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning service. New Customer will receive a $100.00 discount towards your first cleaning. This discount applies to new customers only. Customers must enter into a 1 year agreement for vent hood and exhaust cleaning services. The frequency of the kitchen and exahust cleaning service shall be based on the frequency of the current fire code, with a minimum of four (4) services per year. Discount also applies to chain accounts and multiple location customers. (a discount will be given for each individual location). Discount is for a specific cleaning frequency at an agreed to fixed price. Price cannot be increased during the first 12 months of service. Failure to maintain the required cleaning frequency may result in additional srevices and charges to bring the vent hood and exhaust system into compliance.


Due to the unpredictable weather in the Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas area, we reserve the right to cancel any cleaning in the event of severe weather conditions (high wind, rain hail or thunderstorms). We will try everything possible to reschedule your cleaning at an acceptable time to both parties.