Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive frequently asked questions from restaurant owners and managers, as well as many professional businesses. The most asked questions and our answers are listed below regarding restaurant cleaning services and pressure washing services. If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to contact us!

‚ÄčIt's the law, Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning is REQUIRED by the Fire Marshals, Health Inspectors, Insurance Companies‚Äč to insure proper air flow, to reduce fire hazard, pass fire and health inspections and extend the life of your exhaust motor and other equipment.
DFW Certified Hood Cleaning recommends the following, if you have a high-volume, 24 hour operating exhaust system, are charbroiling that you have it cleaned quarterly. Moderately used systems should be cleaned every six months. Low-volume systems should be cleaned annually and if your system is using wood or coal it should be cleaned monthly.
Cleaning the hoods is not an easy task, and it requires special tools, equipment, and expertise to properly and thoroughly clean them. If one of your employees is qualified and certified, then he/she can do the job. However, if you do not have anyone properly trained, we recommend you to hire a professional team to do the work.
DFW Hood Cleaning will work with your schedule; we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you.
DFW Certified Hood Cleaning Technicians have successfully completed The Advanced Cleaning Systems course work, as subscribed by the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 96 Standards. The NFPA is The Authority on Fire, Electrical, and Building Safety DFW Certified Hood Cleaning, are members of The CHDCA Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners Association, a Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning Certification Professional Association as such adhere to their stringent standards of the association.
Every exhaust system is different and the cost can only be determined by an inspection and we are happy to give you a free estimate. DFW Certified Hood Cleaning, guarantees to beat competitors prices, we also offer discounts and special rates to our long term customers. We don't want you to just try DFW, we want you to be 100% Satisfied with our service! please visit our Service Aera Page and click on your city or town for special new customer discounts
Yes! DFW Certified Hood Cleaning guarantees our work 100%. If you are not satisfied with our completed work and have any issues or questions, we will remedy the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are not satisfied in any way, we will work to make it right at no additional cost.
It depends on the condition of your system. If it has not been cleaned in a long time, it will take us more time to clean it than if it is regularly cleaned. Another factor is the size of your kitchen and hood. Cleaning an average kitchen usually takes us at least 3 hours and we usually do it at night, when your restaurant is closed.
Yes. DFW Certified Hood Cleaning LLC is fully licensed and insured for your protection.
Our primary business is keeping your kitchen compliant to the NFPA96 required standard, however we are a full service organization. Servicing the restaurant community, DFW Certified Hood Cleaning, offers Hinge Kits, Filters, Fan belt replacement, Access panel installation and grease containment. Our Pressure Washing services include hot and cold pressure washer cleaning capabilities. We can also clean your drive-through, dumpster pad, sidewalks, building, roofs and concrete along with a variety of different services that help keep your business clean and compliant.