Our Cleaning Process

We are a a Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning Service located in North Texas. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning service will save you TIME and MONEY. By allowing us to do a PROFESSIONAL and THOROUGH degreasing of the inside of your entire Hood/Canopy, including Filters, Fans, Ducts and Plenum. We will wash down your complete system with BIODEGRADABLE CHEMICALS and HIGH PRESSURE HOT WATER. We will set you up on a regular service schedule dictated by your volume of business. Without a worry, we will clean your kitchen exhaust system to TIP TOP condition, ready for service.

We consistently provide extremely rapid service and turn-around times, offer exceptionally affordable rates, and deliver truly superior quality Hood Cleaning Service.

We will compete fiercely for your cleaning projects, and will work hard to ensure your business is satisfied with the results. We go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with our work, that our jobs are completed to your requirements On time and On budget! DFW Certified Hood Cleaning is a woman owned, NFPA 96 Certified organization, we are productive, creative, and provide you with the vital, necessary services that evey restaurant owner and manager needs, with professionalism and the service they deserve.​

It's true that most fires in commercial kitchens and restaurants are caused by grease build-up in the duct work. At DFW Certified Hood Cleaning, we’ll take care of every square inch including the Exhaust Hood Canopy, Plenum, Filters, Ducts and Exhaust Fan. Our Certified cleaning service ensures compliance with the National Fire Protection Code, NFPA 96 requirements.

Typical Cleaning Process

Our time-tested process of regularly scheduled maintenance will help your restaurant's kitchen exhaust system defend against fire hazards. By keeping your cooking systems working at their best, they will more easily evacuate the smoke and grease out of the building and produce a cleaner, more efficient kitchen and a better working environment for your staff. We go from top to bottom! You can rely on our cleaning and maintenance services for your commercial kitchen. We service restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, grocery stores and large institutions. Our professional hood cleaning process begins on the roof-top where the fan unit is located and ends at the bottom on the kitchen floor.

Our Process
  1. Remove all filters from hood and soak.
  2. Cover cooking line equipment with heavy plastic protection.
  3. Funnel plastic into bucket.
  4. Partially remove and clean roof fan with chemical degreasers and high pressure hot water.
  5. Scrape and clean duct with chemical and high pressure hot water.
  6. Return roof fan check belts and secure.
  7. Clean grease box, overflow and roof-top work area.
  8. Hood cleaning, plenum, filters and back splash with chemical and high pressure hot water.
  9. Collect and remove grease mixture from bucket.
  10. Remove funnel plastic.
  11. Return and install filters.
  12. Pressure wash kitchen floor work areas.
  13. Vacuum and mop excess on floor.
  14. Dry and apply polish to stainless steel areas.
  15. Completely clean work areas, equipment, counters and floors.
  16. Re-light the pilot light.
  17. Review the status of the cleaning project check list with manager on duty.
  18. Attach Certification sticker to hood.
  19. Before and After Photos.